Trump Is a Wake Up Call to Love


TODAY’S WAKE UP CALL by Tyra Sammons

My 3hrs of sleep last night was restless and my dreams filled with anxiety and dread. I woke up feeling a sense of loss. This election has left me feeling violated… disregarded and I am truly grieving. 

Grieving the loss of Hope i had in the Human heart. The hope & faith I had in ‘people’ to make, (WHAT I thought) was the ‘right’ decision.  In my Heart of Hearts? I truly believed that the majority would rule AGAINST someone who would so easily exhibit such reprehensible behavior.  I feel lost…. I feel BETRAYED!! I feel sick in my stomach AND in my Soul. I Feel ANGRY as Fuck. I feel disrespected, discarded and disowned. I feel sad…  and in despair…

And OHHHHH it feels SO fucking  good to ALLOW myself to FEEL ALL that I am feeling as I grapple with the thoughts and stories and images whirling within my mind and body. Dammit! I’m trying to wrap my head around what’s happened! I’m trying to figure out what it all means!!  WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT THOSE IN MY COMMUNITY??! Those in MY Country??!! What does it say about those folks who lined up willingly to ‘co-sign’ sexual assault, racism, sexism, classism & moral ambiguity.

There are pieces within me that want to lash out, spew hatred & make them ‘wrong’ for their choice. I wanna give them a taste of their own medicine and make up stories and lies in my head about how racist and immoral they must all be, [an attempt to make myself feel better and self righteous in my judgement of course]. 

Honestly,  if I’m to be completely real In THIS moment?? There’s a part of me that WANTS shit to go horribly wrong so that I can POINT to the ‘co-signers’ and say with blood dripping blame….

“SEE!!!!  LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE BY CHOOSING TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY??!!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT”! I want to shake & POINT MY FINGERS at them for not HONORING Me. For not valuing me. For not caring enough about me, my Black experience, my Femininity and the Basic rights of human beings to At LEAST choose someone who didn’t OPENLY represent and instigate such hatred. 

But then (deep breath… ugly cry)


Then, I remember who I am.  I remember who WE are. Powerful Co-Creators that have FORGOTTEN Who we are, WHY we are here and that we are all connected. I am reminded of the futility in pointing fingers, and the sometimes destructive consequences of anger and blame. The repercussions of acting unconsciously.  I am gently reminded that no one, and I mean NO ONE, has the power to MAKE me feel, think OR act in any way that I don’t agree to. We ‘agree’ to GIVE our power away EVERY single TIME we act out unconsciously with judgment, fear, hatred, anger, blame, etc. So… learning how to manage our emotions and use them to our benefit is paramount.

That said… I am far too Conscious and AWARE to be angry, resentful or hurt for very long. I have access to too many tools to remain in a state of suffering. 

I Am That I Am… 

A Gift. Priceless. Worthy. Divinely Created. Intelligent. A Blessing. I Am Peace. I Am Love. I Am Truth. 

And with THIS Knowledge & Understanding…

I Am Powerful. 

Listen, the results of this election are a jarring wake up call. And depending on which side of the line you stand, it may indeed feel tantamount to someone violently emptying a bucket of ice cold water over your head. But friends, we mustn’t be consumed by our emotions. Nor should we allow our emotions to run amok and unchecked. When used properly, however, our emotions can move mountains. And well, that’s what I’m challenging ALL of us to do. We each have a part to play and a responsibility to not only heal our nation but ourselves in the process. If we aren’t simultaneously working on ourselves, we won’t have enough to give to what we’re passionate about. 

When we don’t do our inner work we can’t possibly be as effective as we’d like to be, whether your purpose and passions take the shape of your family, career or community. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Well, we have a responsibility to go within and explore… examine, how we violate, disregard and dishonor ourselves.

How can we go outside and heal that which we haven’t recognized, owned & resolved within?? 

Think about it. 

Are you running out ‘there’ somewhere to change the world with a broken heart? 

A hate filled heart? 

Or a heart full of love? 

Is your purpose being fueled by old wounds? Or a healed heart?

Getting my feelings out of my body and on to paper has been extremely cathartic. And in light of the recent election of our  new president, I hope that I have not only given you some food for thought but also given voice to the depth of emotion that may have been stirring in your heart.  We can be faced with a slew of emotions on any given day. Some days are easy breezy. Some days turn into weeks or longer, metamorphosing into deep dark emotional caverns we can’t easily escape.

The following is a guided meditation exercise to help you take a closer look at the negative thoughts or emotions that may be lurking underneath the surface. Those emotions that can discolor and disrupt your daily life experiences. The goal of this exercise is to help you be more present to your subconscious thoughts & emotions. It’s an opportunity to put aside any judgements we might have and offer compassion and understanding in its place. When this occurs, we are able to see ourselves and our situations with a clearer mind. And with a clear mind anything is possible!!

Carve out some time for yourself, (a minimum of 15-20m), before you began: 

1. Set an intention [What would you like to get out of this ex.? More clarity? A particular answer to a question?]

2. Find a pen and some paper or a journal. 

3. Sink into a comfortable chair or lay on a comfortable surface with the intention of bringing your focus and attention inward. 

4. Close your eyes and take a minimum of 3, very deep breaths, slowly inhaling all that you can and then gently allowing it to flow out of your mouth with a slight airy sound. 

When you have completed this brief and simple exercise to help bring you into the present moment, put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. 

If necessary, feel free to take a few more deep breaths. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ here. Take as many deep breaths as YOU need to feel calmer, more centered and still. 

As your breathing begins to settle, bring your attention to the rise and the fall of your chest. Notice how it expands and how it contracts. 

Become aware of your heart. Become so STILL that you can feel its quiet thumping in your chest. 

Offer thanks and deep gratitude to your heart for the amazing job it does, pumping blood in and out , thru the roller coaster of life, each and every day. 

Now… I want you, the Powerful Co-Creator You Are, to go on an exciting journey inward. 

I want you to imagine that within your body, within your very heart, lie the answers to your question or concern. 

Imagine also, that you are ready to hear the answer to your question or concern. 

Take a deep breath and ask your Heart:

“Heart… In what ways do I dishonor, devalue or disregard myself”? 

Take a couple deep breaths. Be open to the possibility that the answers have been there all along. Imagine they have just been sitting there, simply waiting for you to pose the question. 

Ask the question again and allow yourself to soften, feel compassion in your heart. Allow the answers to come…as feelings, images, sensations or words floating across your head. 

After a few moments, move on to the next question:

Heart… In What ways do I harbor resentment or anger? And if so, how do these thoughts & feelings express themselves in my life and in my life experiences?”

Again… allow your heart to reveal your truth to you in a fresh, yet sobering way. 

A few more deep breaths, as you patiently wait to be shown your truth, be it thru feelings, images, sensations or words that come to you. 

There’s no judgement here, no right or wrong, it’s merely information. Information that could prove to be extremely insightful. 

When you feel that you have received everything you can give thanks for any insight you received. 

Give thanks for the miracle of your body & your body’s innate intelligence. 

Give thanks to the Supreme Power that exists with-out and within you. 

And then , slowly but surely, begin to gently wiggle your fingers, your toes and start to open your eyes.

Next, pick up your paper & pen without going to your head to ‘think’ about what just happened. 

Stay in your heart space and write about the experience you just had. 

What did you notice? 

Did you see anything? 

Hear anything? 

Feel anything? 

Did you have any revelations about your life? Your current situation?

Did it feel good to be still? 

Was it unusual? 

Great job friends!


My name is Tyra Sammons and I am an Intuitive life coach. This is just one of the many self care tools I’ll be sharing with you in my upcoming “Wellness Wednesday” Posts on the blog in collaboration with Around The Way Curls. It can be Life Changing to our families and communities when we learn how to cultivate and model Self Love & Care for our divine selves. 

For a recorded version of the guided meditational journey inward or to learn more about my Intuitive Life Coaching services, please contact me at:

You can also check out the launch of my new website this Sat. Nov. 12th:


Shanti Goes to NOLA


This post is way past due. I don’t really reflect on my time in NOLA. The memory of my time there has been darkened. I will share what I do remember. 

I do remember rows of houses painted in beautiful colors of coral pinks, raspberry reds, aqua blues and canary yellows. I remember Bourbon street with a stench so ripe and thick it seemed to crawl up my legs as I walked with a crowd of people who sipped bright green liquor from fish bowls, red faced and laughing as they gawked at side shows of bare backed black boys clapping and tapping out of rhythm smiling for donations with sweat dripping down their skinny torsos. I remember a heat I ain’t never felt before. I remember stepping out of air conditioned buildings and having my breath snatched away from the force of it. I remember feeling sweat trickle from the small of my back and build in-between my thighs. I remember a friend asking, “Can you imagine picking cotton in this heat? Or cutting sugarcane?”

I remember the food. I remember it being delicious but that’s not important to me. To mention the food in New Orleans feels cliche and easy. What’s more important were the the folks who took my order and brought food to my table. These were genuine people with warm smiles and deep laughs. They were women who fussed over my well being asking over three times in a span of a half hour, “How ya’ll doing? Ya’ll alright?”

Or women who silently expressed their  helplessness with the twist of their lips and raised eyebrows as I sat at a table with an empty water glass watching as these women ran in circles taking orders, wiping tables and dropping heaping plates of soul food in front of patiently waiting customers. I couldn’t be mad at ’em. I loved them. They felt like family.

I remember a large, heavy set black man with beads of sweat on his  forehead waddle to my table with my first catfish po’boy from New Orleans. He approached my table with a stained apron. The plate which he held looked like a child’s play dish in his large lined hands.

“Who got a cat fish po’boy?”

I raised my hand and with grace he set down the plate. All the Northerners at the table squealed with delight as he put the huge fried fish sandwich before me.  His sheepish smile revealed four gold teeth as his shoulders shook with a chuckle. He seemed so soft. So kind. So innocent.

I remember leaving New Orleans feeling good. I remember flying home. I remember the morning I scrolled instagram and watched the murder of Alton Sterling. I remember watching the pixelated pool of blood spread across his white t-shirt on my phone. I remember sinking to the floor next to my bed, shaking my head saying “No, no, no.” I remember seeing his picture on the news. He looked back at me heavy set and smiling with two gold front teeth. I remember feeling like I lost a family member. He felt so familiar. So innocent.

 The Homies




The Sights








The Food



I know, I know, it’s Mexican BUT it was so good and the restaurant Casa Borrega was sooooooo beautiful!




The restaurant owner and newly made friend Hugo Montero (artist)


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Shanti Goes to Paris – “Midnight in Paris” (Part 3)



I have not danced in a long time.

I have not lost track of time in a long time. 

I am here

and now. 

The lights are rainbow.
The bodies are black

and brown and honey 

and sweet

and glistening.

The music feels like tough love.

It feels like it will pull me off the ground by my ears.

I anchor my face into the wet warmth of his neck.

My hand is settled on the sinew of his back.

His hands move from my shoulders to my hips to my ass

and we rock

and we laugh.

We pull away and marvel

at each other. 

I have been wanting to share my experience in Paris for a while now. I have started many posts only to stop because they didn’t feel authentic enough. I felt like I was being fake and the content I was creating was not mine but a carbon copy of everyone else’s picture perfect travel pics which consist of a cute outfit and a picturesque back drop with some remote location posted with hashtags #travelnoire #travel #runningoutofpagesonmypassport 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Paris. I made sure to see all of the touristy sites. I ate well. I took pictures. I tried to look cute. But those were not the most important parts of Paris to me. What was most important was what drove me there. What went on within me internally while there. And what I carry with me continuously now that I have returned. I wrote a lot in my journal during my 8 days so I figured rather than create posts that are superficial, I’d share you all the real deal knowing that we are going through the same things. What’s there to hide?


Shanti Goes To Paris (Part 2) “For Single Mothers Who Think They Don’t Deserve Flight”

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 3.11.50 PM


I lost my passport.

My plane leaves in 12 hours.








This is really for my own good. 

It’s a lesson.

I don’t deserve to go.

I don’t deserve flight.

They say,

Slow down

Be more present

Tell that to a woman in a burning house.

Tell that to women running as fast as they can,

blinded by sweat in their eyes

as they tear forward,

fighting against fatigue,

powered by super human endurance

unknown to men.


We have to keep running, finding private schools, paying tuition, washing clothes, folding shirts, buying socks, and dresses, and dance classes and soap and groceries, and insurance and doctors visits, and braiding hair, and washing limbs and giving kisses, and reading books, and making dinner and lunch and breakfast, and paying bills, and playgrounds and play dates and teachers conferences, and running hot water for baths, always conscious of shoe sizes and keeping track of winter hats, and arranging care with grandmothers and friends and begging men to do what they should be doing with a lumps in our throats and rage in our chest, and lonely tears at night, and hope for the morning that things will turn out alright.


We deserve to smile.

We deserve to laugh.

We deserve relief.

We deserve dance.

We deserve help.

We deserve flight.


I lost my passport the morning before I was to leave to Paris. The emotional roller coaster was real. I decided I deserved to go and a day later I was in the air. Self love at times feels like  a constant battle where I am fighting no one else but myself.

I have been wanting to share my experience in Paris for a while now. I have started many posts only to stop because they didn’t feel authentic enough. I felt like I was being fake and the content I was creating was not mine but a carbon copy of everyone else’s picture perfect travel pics which consist of a cute outfit and a picturesque back drop with some remote location posted with hashtags #travelnoire #travel #runningoutofpagesonmypassport 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Paris. I made sure to see all of the touristy sites. I ate well. I took pictures. I tried to look cute. But those were not the most important parts of Paris to me. What was most important was what drove me there. What went on within me internally while there. And what I carry with me continuously now that I have returned. I wrote a lot in my journal during my 8 days so I figured rather than create posts that are superficial, I’d share you all the real deal knowing that we are going through the same things. What’s there to hide?

Shanti Goes To Paris (Part 1) The Great Escape

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.26.15 PM

I have been wanting to share my experience in Paris for a while now. I have started many posts only to stop because they didn’t feel authentic enough. I felt like I was being fake and the content I was creating was not mine but a carbon copy of everyone else’s picture perfect travel pics which consist of a cute outfit and a picturesque back drop with some remote location posted with hashtags #travelnoire #travel #runningoutofpagesonmypassport 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Paris. I made sure to see all of the touristy sites. I ate well. I took pictures. I tried to look cute. But those were not the most important parts of Paris to me. What was most important was what drove me there. What went on within me internally while there. And what I carry with me continuously now that I have returned. I wrote a lot in my journal during my 8 days so I figured rather than create posts that are superficial, I’d share you all the real deal knowing that we are going through the same things. What’s there to hide?


The Great Escape

Fuck it, I’m going to Paris.

I bought a ticket to Paris because I feel as if I am riding on a wave of good luck and freedom.

So what if I just quit my job and I ain’t got another one waiting.

So what I just got into a car accident and now I don’t have anything.

The insurance company just cut me a check which will hopefully carry me over for another month until I have to dip into my savings

which I am praying will continue to save me

until I find my stability

in this new freedom

loving stride

I’m swaying

because Got damn it

I feel free.

I’m in a new place in my life.

I’ve dropped my attachments to a man who at one time I’d drop everything for.

For him

I’d drop my plans,

another call,

my panties,

my dignity,

my pride.

I’ve left a job that sucked the life out of me.



Absolutely no


I can’t sell my soul for money.
I can’t limit my life because it’s safe.

I can’t wait.

So I’m buying a ticket to Paris.


Travel Guide for the Carefree + Black in PARIS


Once I booked my ticket to Paris, I made sure to hit up Kristin Braswell from Crush Global for some advice on what to do and where to go while there. She offered me this really sweet travel guide for the carefree black girl in Paris.

“The days when we walked through Les Halles singing, loving every inch of France and loving each other … the jam sessions in Pigalle, the nights spent smoking hashish in the Arab cafes, the morning which found us telling dirty stories, true stories, sad and earnest stories, in gray working men’s cafes.” – James Baldwin


What’s a day in Paris without a perfect patisserie visit? Here are two to start your day
This almond chocolate croissant soaked in butter and sprinkled with sugar made me weak. I sat on a dirty stoop in the middle of a busy street and made out with it slowly, tenderly and oh so gratefully. 

1. Du Pain Et Des Idees
Grab a pistachio snail and rose croissant from here. You will not be sorry.
34 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.01.05 PM
For brunch head to 2. West African restaurant Le Nilaja
17, rue de la Forge Royale
75011 Paris


Yes, the Louvre is all the rage, but Paris has exhibits that will blow your mind far more than Mona Lisa’s smirk. 

Spend your afternoon at one of the museums below:
1.  Grand Palais – On Exhibition is Photographer Seydou Keita
I fell so deeply in love with the way the Malian photographer blended the props of the West such as vespers, cigarette holders and three piece suits. If you are in the city of Paris, you must go check this exhibit out!
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.08.00 PM
DSC_4579   DSC_4576    


You’re going to want to people watch, and you might be a bit hungry again today. And that’s perfect for you, because Paris is one of the best cities in the world for picnics. It is a pasttime enjoyed by Parisians all over the city, near the Seine River, under the Eiffel Tower, and in flower clad gardens that look like a fairytale.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.52.34 PM  
For your picnic, you’ll be heading to Parcs des Buttes Chaumont in the 19th arrondissiment. Pick up some cheese from Pascal Beillicaire ( and a crusty baguette from any nearby bakery. There is also a wine shop near the park called L’epicerie 104. Bring a book, bring the joy of peace. This park is just beautiful.

If you prefer not to picnic, Bastille Market is a great place to buy a little bit of everything and people watch. Get there early for the poulet roti (roasted chicken). The French don’t play when it comes to a good, grilled bird. 

If you want to dine with the locals, head to Chez Janous. It’s a quintessential bistro where you’ll feel lucky to grab a seat and have an affordable meal. My favorite place to eat? An unassuming restaurant called John Viande, with pasta and cocktails that are unforgettable. 
For a pinch me, I’m in Paris moment: Stand under the eiffel tower at night. Far less tourists. Far more magic. 

Thank you Kristen for the wondering tips and sources!


CrushGlobal on Instagram and Twitter @crushglobal

 If you are preparing for travel and interested in a more curated experience, including a few surprises and a very local experience, email



“With Love”

  Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.40.52 PM  

Antoinette’s story behind her new album “With Love” is nothing short of amazing. It is a story of trust. It is an example of what magic can come from trusting that God, the universe, fate (or whatever you want to call it) is always ready for us, always presenting opportunities to us and all we need do is show up as best we can.  Nearly two years ago, Antoinette called me with an amazing story to share….

One Friday night, Antoinette was serving tables at the Jazz venue Dizzy’s  as she did every weekend. On this particular weekend the great jazz vocalist  Kim Nalley was performing. 

Somehow Antoinette and Kim had  graduated from the required role play of  “How are you? What can I get you to drink?” to more personal conversation and Antoinette revealed to Kim that she was an aspiring jazz vocalist. Nonchalantly, Kim told Antoinette that she would invite Antoinette on stage some time during Kim’s set to sing a song and advised Antoinette to be ready when she was called up.  Antoinette thought that was highly unlikely and assumed Kim was just being nice because what established jazz vocalist invites some “nobody” unto the stage to share her shine? 

Nonetheless, Antoinette prepared herself just in case Ms. Kim was serious. She practiced in the bathroom that Friday night but Kim didn’t call her up. She practiced Saturday morning before work. Saturday night passed. Kim hadn’t called her up. Sunday night came and lo and behold’ Kim called her up to stage and to Antoinette’s surprise she indeed did not want to share the stage with Antoinette, she wanted to give the whole stage to Antoinette for herself. Antoinette shed her waitress apron and stepped unto the stage and sang. Although scared, she gave it all she had. 

Here is video from that very night.

Unbeknownst to Antoinette,  there was a man in the audience that would fulfill one of her greatest desires. Everyone at Dizzy’s was familiar with him. He was quiet, sweet, tipped well and had a peculiar affinity for Fiji water (which Antoinette took incredibly seriously often running to nearby stores to get him The Fiji water if the restaurant was out of it). He became what we affectionally call in the restaurant biz as “a regular”. On this Friday night, after Antoinette performed, he whispered in her ear “I want to pay for you to make an album”. The rest is history.

No, he wasn’t a sugar daddy, no there were no strings attached. He was just an extremely wealthy man who simply wanted to use his wealth to help young, talented people follow their dreams (yeah, those types of wealthy people exist). He financed Antoinette’s entire album.

Produced by the incredibily talented bassist Christian McBride, Antoinette has created an album with selected jazz standards about love performed “her way”.

The Making of “With Love”

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.56.22 AM

I recently went to see Antoinette perform at her album release party and I was struck by my best friend. I saw her in a way I had never seen her before. Onstage, I saw her stretched and expanded in her greatest artistic form.

My God, the impressions we can make when we push past fear and step forth into the boundlessness of our life’s purpose. My God, the inspiration we spark when we do the hard work required of us as we push towards completing our goals. When we pursue our art, when we strive to fulfill our inner dictates, when we complete our goals, we allow ourselves the possibility of perfection through the eyes of others. I really saw my best friend during her performance and she was flawless. 

She stepped unto the stage, barefoot, with a tight royal blue dress clinging to her ample form, hands folded in a prayer and resting on her thighs, with lowered, bedroom eyes she tossed her waves over her shoulder and looked into the crowd with a shy, innocent smirk which stretched into a wide knowing smile, which opened into a laugh. The crowd was transfixed. Black girl magic. Her entire performance was a reflection of who she is at her core – sensual, controlled, generous and oh so very vulnerable.  I hope she knows how beautiful she was that night. I hope she knows she has a gift. I hope she knows how deeply she touches people. I hope she continues to share her richness with this starving world. Love you girl! 

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.57.23 AM

Antoinette’s album “With Love” is also available for purchase on iTunes!

Kristin Braswell – A Woman With A Crush On The World

FullSizeRender_7 (1)

Social media never ceases to amaze me. It really does create a network of people that you come to develop relationships with. There is always that one person who you have a random, soft connection with yet you are all the way here for. You scroll her instagram feed and see how her personal life is thriving with super cool friends and a loving family and at each career advancement you cheer her on in your head like, “You go girl! You’re killing it!”. You come to anticipate the many think pieces, music links and event invites she shares on social media because ya’ll are on the same wave length. Ya’ll appreciate the same things. Ya’ll hate the same people. Although you may have never talked to this person in your life and no matter how one sided the relationship stalking may be, she is like your best friend in your head but for real for real…

  This is my relationship with Kristin Braswell. In all honesty, we do have a stronger connection than one randomly established online. Kristin has assisted in bringing ATWC’s online presence to the forefront. She selected us to work on Carol’s Daughters online series “The Curl” which she produced herself as well as putting us on to many opportunities which followed. We have remained social media friends ever since and as stated before, I am totally here for her. She is truly a friend in my head and if we were ever to link up in person, I’m pretty sure we would vibe out as well.

 Kristin is a travel writer, producer and newly titled entrepreneur. She has created a new online publication called CrushGlobal which encapsulates her two greatest loves – writing and travel. I am excited to present you all with her interview. To me, she is an inspiration. She is black girl magic personified. She is the supernatural result when grit, endurance and raw talent meet in a weightless, limitless, cage-less  free spirit. 

FullSizeRender_6 (1)

Tell us about yourself. Where were you raised? Where did you go to school? Where do you reside now?                                                                                                                                                              

I was born in Los Angeles, but I feel like I was raised in both Los Angeles and New York. I attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philly and have been a proud Brooklyn resident for years.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Tell us your earliest memories of realizing that you wanted to become a writer.                                                                                                                            

I’ve created stories in my mind for as long as I can remember, and the easiest way to translate those stories was on paper. Looking back now, I realize that creating those stories was a means of survival.  I did not always fit in as a child, so when I wrote, I found purpose and felt empowered. I was very much a loner and a bit obsessed with reading. So being drawn into this fictional world I was reading about inspired me to stretch the limits of reality in my own writing. It’s not always easy for me to communicate an idea verbally, but when I write, I feel closer to myself and to others.

Are you more drawn to fiction or non-fictional writing? Why?                                                            A little bit of both, honestly. I love writing and reading fiction because there are no limits to a storyline within the realm of imagination. I also love non-fiction. When I read the words of Malcolm X or James Baldwin, the message always punches me in the gut. Isn’t that the beauty of words, of film, music and dance, really? That  sometimes it only takes so little- a short scene or melody- for so much to be understood.

FullSizeRender_1 (1)

To say that you are accomplished in your career is to say the least. You have been published in Essence, Huffington Post, Los Angeles times, Ebony, CNN Travel and ForbesLife to name a few. Can you describe your career journey? How have you been able to keep your work circulating amongst such reputable publications? Any advice to young writers?                    

Am I accomplished? (smiles) Thank you. There’s soooo much more I want to do, but, I am FINALLY getting a to a place where I can say “dang girl, you did that!” For anyone reading  this, I encourage you to do the same. Stop for a moment and just pop your collar. You’re bigger and badder than your mind and experiences would have you to believe. My career journey is definitely not typical, and sometimes I still feel like I don’t know what the hell I am doing and would rather just be eating pizza and listening to music on a beach.

I began in breaking news, working at various networks in hopes to become a broadcast journalist. I won’t sugarcoat this. I got laid off, a lot. It was never a reflection of my work, and really the byproduct of companies that undervalued their employees and were trying to keep up with an ever-changing industry. For years, I took it personally, but now I am in a place where I’m no longer affected by any shifts in employment. This isn’t because I think I’m invincible. Truthfully, I’ve been disappointed so many times that it just doesn’t impact me in the same way. The beautiful thing that has come out of that is a shift in my perspective on my own talents. My brother has always told me, “you’re not meant to work for other people, or to have an ordinary life with the picket fence. You are here to do something extraordinary.” And oddly enough, every time I find myself trying to fit in that neat little package of success, I get thrown right back out into the wild. So now I am focusing more on my own business, CrushGlobal Travel.  I am in talks with a publisher for my first novel, and I contribute to publications that I dreamed of writing for since I was a little girl. I get to travel the world and meet new people and just give thanks. To young writers I say this: don’t be afraid to pitch. Celebrate your vulnerability and own your story. Expect to hear no more than yes. Know that editors are always juggling a number of things and it’s sometimes more about timing than even talent. I would actually like to help a lot more young writers because I didn’t always have that same support. So, please feel free to email me at if you need some advice.

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Top 5 favorite writers.                                                                                                                              

1.Warsan Shire (waaay before Lemonade dropped). 

2. James Baldwin

3. Zora Neale Hurston

4. Ta-Nehisi Coates

5. Bernice McFadden

Name all of the places that you have traveled to. Is there one place that you loved the most? Is there one place you are dying to see but have yet to go?                                                                

 I’ve been to London, Paris, the Maldives, Madrid, Seville, Tenerife, Barcelona, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Mexico, Hawaii, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Maarten, St. Barths, Berlin, Hamburg, Santiago and Patagonia in Chile, various cities in India, Bordeaux, Montreal, Barbados, Belize, Petit St. Vincent, Cayman Islands, Rome, Capri, Positano, Sorrento, Portugal, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I love a lot of these places for different reasons, but, if I had to choose, I would say Nicaragua surprised me the most with its natural beauty and good vibes, Bordeaux for its wine and food, and Trinidad for the supreme joy I feel during Carnival. I am a soca junkie and the happiest with some roti in my hand and a riddim playing. I’m dying to get to Cuba and have been for over a decade now. Honestly, I just feel so blessed. I love seeing the world.

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Top 5 beauty necessities while traveling.

1. A good gloss because my lips must stay poppin.                                                                                                  

2. An eye mask for sleep. Without it, I act a fool.                                                                                            

3. Lotion. You can’t be ashy abroad.                                                                                                                                 

4. An ayurvedic calming spray I got in India. It helps my nerves when I fly.                                                          

5. A good book + my journal to collect my thoughts and express gratitude for wherever I am in the world.

What is one thing you have learned about America having traveled outside of it? What is one thing you have discovered about being black outside of the context of being in America?

America is not the center of the world. I feel like we are very much taught that as children and it is in many ways to our own detriment. I travel to other countries and children from all backgrounds can speak different languages and know far more about American history than we ever learned about their countries or customs. It’s a curious thing to me, how disconnected we are from the rest of the world in many ways growing up, but how connected the world is to us. Honestly, I am never really made aware of my Blackness unless I am in a very homogenous place like India or Germany. But even in places like India, there was just a natural curiosity about where I was from rather  than any ill feelings about me being Black like I find in the States. I have more of a safety  issue sometimes being a woman while traveling than being a Black woman.

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You have launched a new site called CrushGlobal Travel. Can you tell us about it? What inspired it? What are your hopes for it’s future?                                                                

CrushGlobal was born out of my desire  to create a deeper understanding between people through travel. The site offers features, tips and first hand accounts of travel and culture from writers around the world. We also offer curated travel experiences, and will be launching our first group adventure later this year with a few really, really dope people who have a similar vision. Responsible tourism will also be a large component of our curated experiences, meaning, we will find ways to connect to and support the local people and economies of the places we visit. My love for travel and people inspired the brand. I have seen the deepest connections between people during travel, so I want to use that to fuel a transformative movement that is more than just cute selfies under a sunset or the Eiffel Tower. I truly believe that travel can change people and the way we see and treat each other.  I think a passport is the greatest form of education and I want to get one into the hands of as many people as possible.

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Did Jay-Z really cheat on Beyonce?                                                                                                          

HA! I did not see this question coming. There’s so much to unpack with Lemonade that Jay Z’s potential infidelity was actually the last thing on my mind. I am still exploring the gorgeous imagery, the invocations of Yemaya and Oshun, the sheer enormity of sisterhood and redemption. Beyonce dressed as OSHUN gave me life– the sensuality, healing powers and fertility. I just love that there is so much to explore.

I do think that she does a great job of blending fiction with reality- and I had a very visceral reaction to the album as a Black woman. The scene where the mothers of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin hold photos of their sons broke my heart. We deal with a particular, historical, generational  kind of pain, and if you’re just looking at Lemonade as a Jay vs. B thing, you are missing the enormity of this body of work.

We give so much. Too much sometimes. Lemonade created a space for Black women to reckon with our pain and methods of healing, whether that be with a bat or in the arms of the lover who scorned us. I do think people can forgive and grow after catastrophes, but both parties have to be willing to put in the work and be accountable. Anger is easy. Forgiveness takes more work than we can sometimes fathom, but it is possible. I’ve heard a lot of women say that if Beyonce can be cheated on, anything is possible. Ladies, come on. We know good and well that one can appear to be perfect (whatever that means) and still get hurt. That’s why you have to make it a daily practice to love yourself fiercely, as hard as that may be sometimes– and keep that hot sauce in your bag.

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Crowns & Style

This is a weekly series from the creative genius that is coiled up and springing from Emiliano Styles.  I loved all the videos so much I had to share. What beautiful, beautiful women live and thrive in this world. 

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 Crowns & Style

Undercut Hair Grow Out Challenge!!

I have officially decided that I am going to grow out my hair. I am ready for change. I am ready for challenge. I am ready to rock twist outs and ponytails and have it get on my nerves again. I have a mohawk right now so I have a center section with significantly longer hair and very short hair on the sides. Uggh, this is going to be a bitch to grow out. I refuse to cut it all evenly until my sides grow out some more though. Anyway, here is a video describing my plan of action.

Who else is ready to keep their heads warm this winter? Who else is growing out their shorter hair styles? I think we all should keep one another motivated and away from scissors and barber chairs!  Send me some pics of your starting point for this challenge! I will share yours as well as my growth every 2 months or so to see one another’s progress. Lets get it! 

(Starting point) Oct 2015




Tag @aroundthewaycurls on instagram with your photos with the hashtag #undercuthairgrowout

Or email photos to

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