Caring for the Love Below


So summer is approaching upon us rather quickly. With summer comes pool parties, vacations and whether we like it or not swimsuits! Often times we are so preoccupied with how our bodies look in the bathing suits that we are surprised by the tarantula legs poking out of the crouch of our suits once we are finally in them! Don’t get caught in a hairy situation! The hair   below need not be ignored ladies!
I find that pubic hair maintance is very common with white women. My cousins on my mother’s side are white and I remember being shocked and curious when I realized that they completely shaved and at times designed their public hair regularly! Is it simply a taboo conversation amongst black women or are we all just froin’ it top to bottom?! 
Perhaps it is an uncommon ritual within the black community due to the aggravation and irritation that occurs after shaving or waxing in the form of itchy, painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. A  Ingrown hair is when a hair strand has been cut short and grows back under the skin. Afro textured hair is more prone to become ingrown due to the coiled nature in which it grows out of the follicle. It simply does not protrude straight out the skin but curls and gets trapped within the skin causing raised, irritated bumps.
Here are some tips to keeping the love below tamed and presentable in your summer swim suits
1. Begin by cleansing the area well with a gentle soap to ensure that all dirt is removed  2.   Follow by exfoliating the skin with a scrub or loofa to remove any excess dead skin and clogged pores. (The cleaner and clearer the skin the less potential for irritation and “extra” layer of skin that may become an entrapment for the hair.) 3.Soak in a bath or apply a damp warm towel to the area to soften the hair.  4.Determine your method of hair removal: razor blade, waxing, depilatories which chemically remove the hair (for example Nair)
Razor blade  make sure the blade is not dull, rusted or impacted with hair from previous use. Always apply a shaving cream (hypo- allergenic) before shaving. I recommend for additional softening of the area to apply your favorite conditioner and use that as your “shaving cream”. Works wonders. Use a single blade razor because multi bladed razors cut too close to the skin and can lead to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. When shaving  ALWAYS SHAVE IN THE DIRECTION THAT THE HAIR GROWS.
Waxing is another option. Although considered the most painful option many claim that it is the most effective because the hairs grow back more slowly and more finely than shaving and chemical treatments. The reason being is the hair is pulled directly out of the follicle in entirety rather than simply being cut. There are plenty of At Home Waxing kits  to choose from or you can go to a trusted salon to have the process done professionally.
Depilatories can be purchased at your local drugstore. By following the directions you can have a smooth bikini line in seconds. The chemicals in the cream dissolve the hair proteins which can then just be simply wiped away. The problem with depilatories are if not removed in the appropriate amount of time they can burn the skin as well as cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. 
5.After whichever process you use, make sure to cleanse once again with a gentle wash or witch hazel. 
6.If any ingrown hairs occur, do not pick at them with your fingernails. Use a sterilized tweezer and attempt to pull the ingrown hair from the skin. Disinfect afterwards.
Get your hair ready for the summer ladies from head to toe! 

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12 thoughts on “Caring for the Love Below

  1. “Often times we are so preoccupied with how our bodies look in the bathing suits that we are surprised by the tarantula legs poking out of the crouch of our suits once we are finally in them!”

    DEAD at that. Just flatlined. Ha! But, yeah, I don’t play that. I may be letting my hair grow out on the top, but on the bottom, it’s a no-go.

  2. I hear that! I don’t care for the extra hair down there especially during the summertime. I know it’s down there for a reason but there’s nothing wrong with a little upkeep and keeping it at bay. I’m going to look into depilatories.


  3. Great post! I’ve already started my preparation for summer down there!! I go for laser hair removal! The results are great and lasts for about 6 weeks! The only down side is that it is a little costly.

    • Prices differ from place to place , but the salon I go to charges €48.00 for full bikini, €196.00 for full legs, €25.50 for armpits.And , depending on how your hair responds, after a few treatments the hair goes very finr or sometimes stops growing back!! AND no more painful ingrow hair!!

  4. Which do you recommend if a girl lives in a dorm and shares the showers with about 15 other girls? And has a roommate that is around quite often? Inquiring minds, man!

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