5 thoughts on “Bob Hair. Don’t Care. Random Rant and Upcoming Events!

  1. Girl I’m not vibin with my hair right now either. The length isnt where I want to to be, and because i have a round face shape, the awkward just above chin level (when curly) hair just really isn’t very flattering on me… But just like you, I have a lot of other things i need to worry about and focus on, soooo I slap this bad boy up in a bun every day, and just keep it movin. It just be like that sometime! Also, I think you should just go darker. I think dark hair would complement the bob a lot more.

  2. Ha ha I am there. I’ve been wearing the Heidi hairstyle for about a month now & i feel Like “and what???” Like you, I Have ENTIRELY too much stuff to do 2 be thinking about my hair right now. It’s a trifling mess and I Can’t be bothered to care right now! Lol. Regarding your hair: my two cents is make it darker again. Good luck with your events!

  3. I’m with you!! Not feeling my hair at all. My opinion (only because you asked)… go back dark and add some layers for shape to your hair. So its more rounded and less inverted triangle. It would set your bob off!!

  4. First, I think you look very pretty and very unnewscaster like! We go through phases and stages with almost everything in life so, why not our hair too? I am still at the twa stage. I am in love with my hair at this moment. All through my relaxed stage I was running hot and cold. I think you should go darker.

  5. You did a great job on the panel yesterday! P.S. I think your hair looked great! My hair, on the other hand, was a big frizzy mess. And since I was up since 3 a.m., struggled getting the kids to day care early so I could get to work early, had a crazy day at work, then took my students to Lincoln to cover the event, then drop off and trek back home… I really just didn’t care. [shrugs shoulders…aw well… better luck next time…lol]

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