Big Tings A Gowan

This month has been a busy busy busy month for me. I’m overwhelmed in the best way possible but overwhelmed nonetheless. I’m really struggling to find some kind of balance in my life. Things are going well when it comes to my music. I’m working on some really exciting projects but until they are really solidified I am going to keep my mouth shut. I have a couple gigs coming up at a club in Long Island that I am putting the set list together now for. So, onwards and upwards as they say. Taking your future into your own hands and creating the life your want is great but I have to keep it real… it’s honestly, it’s one of the scariest, most terrifying and exhausting things in the world. I am so anxious these days. I know I’m on the right path but doubt is a motha sucka and when it creeps up on you, you’ve got to have people in your corner to hold you down. Otherwise you’ll just go crazy.

But Lawd knows it’s been about 50 years since I posted on here. My bad. Shanti has been holding me down but my half of the blog has been falling through the cracks. But I have good news! I’m working on some product reviews, I have 2 new style videos to film and share and I bought some Shea Moisture Color System Dye that I can’t wait to try out and review. So, it’s all coming just be patient with me. Por Favor. In the meantime, here’s a list of what’s been going on:


ATWC Voted 2013 Bloggers To Watch by Naturally Curly

around the way curls, naturally curly, bloggers to watch

Feeling Liberated Behind The Scenes of curlBOX


Progress at the Gym 

Once my stomach is flat and I win the war against back fat yall better watch out. I’m posing nekkid in every photo. Me no care.


Guest Appearance/Vocalist on Richard Johnson’s Record

richard johnson antoinette henry jazz here i am

It’s not out yet but I have my copy. I’m on there singing Lover Man, Fine and Mellow, and an original called He Does He Doesn’t.

Florida Repertory Theater

So… I just signed on to join the cast of “A Grand Night For Singing” in Florida from Jan- March which means I will be escaping the wretched New York winter months. It came right on time. I definitely needed a break from New York. So, there I will be able to focus on the show, learning new music and working out full time. No slinging plates and standing on my feet for 9-12 hours a day! Whoot Whoot! I’m gonna miss my boo thang Shanti though, but she has a  couple of announcements of her own…

So… stay tuned. Keep coming back and be on the look out for those posts I have coming up. Holla!

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7 thoughts on “Big Tings A Gowan

  1. It’s all such exciting news Antoinette! Good luck to you….you are looking fantastic, your words sound like they come from a person who is fully engaged in life.

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