ATWC Bow Review! Whoot Whoot!

Is your hair in need of a little something new? Tired of those boring generic hair accessories? Have you been on the edge about rocking an ATWC bow? Well get off that motha sucka and cop one because blogger Ishea wants you to : )
Thanks for the review boo and the support boo!

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7 thoughts on “ATWC Bow Review! Whoot Whoot!

  1. I like the bows, I really do, but honestly, $10 a bow is just way to much. Just looking at the screen shot of Ishea pictured here you can see she has $30 worth of fabric and clip in her hands. This is one things I hate about black owned products like miss jessie’s, oyin handmade, and now these bows; they are just too expensive. I want to support, but the prices need to get more reasonable before I can.

    • Thanks for your comment. The bows are prices that way because the material, thread, needle, glue, clip, packaging etc costs. Also, include the money it costs to get all the bows in one central shipping location to ship complete orders since we live in different states. Believe me we are NOT banking off of the bows. There is a small shipping fee but we ALWAYS end up spending more than that fee to ship because of weight. They are also hand made. So, while you are looking at 30.00 worth of merchandise you are also looking at hours of work. They take forever to make and many of them are hand stitched as well as we are often making them on the go. Keep in mind Shanti and I are also splitting the profits not for ourselves but to pay for a new site user friendly site that will be launched this week. So, please don’t feel like we are trying to take advantage of anyone. That’s not our intention or what we are doing. I promise.

      I also went to American Apparel yesterday, and their bows were priced at 15.00 dollars without shipping or packaging costs.

      I also don’t think it’s a black business issue. It’s simply a business issue. We are not profiting like Miss Jessie’s.

  2. I agree with the above comment made by Anonymous that certain items can be a little too pricey at times. But I don’t think the finger should be pointed at just Black-owned businesses. The time and effort it took to create these bows have to be considered when it comes to pricing.

    At the end of the day, these bows are a want not a need. It’s a splurge and if you’re going to splurge then splurge while supporting someone like Acursbf, Miss Jessie’s or whomever. Just my personal opinion; not meant as an attack but another way to look at things.


    • Thanks ATWC!!! I completely understand the effort, time, money it takes to make a handmade product. I’ve knitted hats and scarves in the past and while I didn’t sell them…you best believe I would’ve charged more than $5 for them. 🙂

      All in all I was just trying to make a point that there’s a reason your bows are $10.

      Looking forward to the new changes to your site.


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