Antoinette’s Hair Story: Transitioning for Ten Years

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Are yall going to The Transitioning Movement? It’s basically a Mecca for natural hair and lifestyle tips. They gather information from bloggers from all over the country, put it one place and make it accessible to anyone with a computer or internet capable phone. It’s really a great idea. I wish we would have thought about it. hpmh.

But for real, when we post about articles we write for other sites does anyone read them? Because NOBOOOOOOODY comments. 0_O

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19 thoughts on “Antoinette’s Hair Story: Transitioning for Ten Years

  1. We go running to read the story and forget to comeback and comment. Sorry. I had been thinking about going natural over 10 years ago when I went of to school in Cuba. Worried about finding a hairdresser so I went with braids. After that I relaxed my hair myself. Thought about it after coming home, but instead switched to a curly perm. Now after another move, can’t find a good hairdresser in Nassau to do that. So here I am, over a decade later and 6 months into transitioning. Finding products is hard for me in the Bahamas, so on this trip home to Jamaica I’ll be stocking up on what I need so I don’t backslide. Your blog has really helped me hold my ground when people say ho long my hair would be if I straightened it. So thank you.

  2. I’m definitely guilty of reading the articles and post from my phone or laptop and completely forgetting to comment on it. Everything you all post is helpful, interesting, and entertaining. I don’t have a transitioning story because I did one big chop and haven’t turned back since. But I must admit, I’ve been natural for a year and half and I still don’t have a solid regimen or staple products. It’s crazy because what worked for my hair when it was a TWA doesn’t work now that it’s chin length. The medium length phase is the worst, but like you all always say, it’s trial and error.

  3. Same issue here. I don’t typically read articles on a computer. Usually on my phone and then I don’t have time to comment, especially if no internet connection. I’m a work in progress in terms of commenting. You ladies do an awesome job of mixing up the content you provide. Keep up the great work!

  4. I read them! I don’t always comment though…Like Natalie, I didn’t transition, plus I think I may have adapted to my new natural hair faster than most for a variety of reasons including the simple fact that I wasn’t really thinking about anybody else’s reactions. The Transitioning Movement site and videos are great though! And I’m positive your story will inspire at least one more woman to go natural. 🙂

    • That’s what’s up LBell. I wasn’t able to block everyone out. I’m getting to that point tho (rihanna style) lol

  5. You just guilt tripped me!!!! LOL! I read it, but made no comment. Who knew??? It is a fallacy, most assume mixed race girls have an easier time of it…love the honesty ‘light skin with long hair.’ I really enjoy this site. I check it daily. 1 of 6 that I check daily. Keep up the good work.

  6. I read them! They’re some of the best stories on there. Maybe people don’t comment bc a) they’re rendered speechless at Shanti & yours (is that how’d you say that? Excuse the grammar.) stories and tips, or b) there’s nothing left to say. You articulated perfectly. Lol I’m laying it on thick, let me stop. But they’re appreciated, nonetheless. (:

  7. That was a great story!! I feel like Ive been transitioning forever and sometimes I just want to cry! I transitioned out of my relaxer after high school then got half way and did a Brazilian straightener -___- My hair got super long at first and then just fell off! IN. CHUNKS. I was crushed! I even got depressed! I finally got rid of most of the Brazilian, only to be seduced by my blow-dryer and flat-iron once more. Got the MEANEST heat damage all over my crown area and my 3C curls were replaced by frizzy, crispy 2A waves. What can I say? Im Dominican. Blowouts are right up there with Jesus and platanos. Im FINALLY transitioning and done with the heat and chemicals for good but Im struggling like crazy. My hair is just shedding and breaking. Ughhhh. Anyway…the point to this VERY long comment is thanks for sharing your story 🙂 It’s nice to know that you’re not struggling alone and that results dont just happen over night. Its so frustrating and sad to see your hair in such bad condition but this story was a great motivator and you and Shanti do an awesome job for the curly girls! <3

  8. I read your posts all the time–this one was especially good. You and Shanti have been seriously helping me thru my transition period. After 20+ years of relaxing, decided to give up the chemicals because (1) hair was thinning around the temples, and (2) just had a baby girl, and want her to appreciate her curls (like Mommmy). So far, so good, but what a hair adventure … and appreciate all the help I can get. So keep writing ladies!

  9. yout article is really insightfull.Reminds me when Iwas kid and my father(french with straight hair ^^) was trying to manage my big hair!!!was natural almost all my life, but my hair was very difficult to handle or assume until I found some sites forums or blogs like yours!!Thank you!!

  10. Hey, Ladies.
    I read your post all the time. But I feel no one is going through what Im going through.I did a big chop of in 2011, and had no chemicals (RELAXERS) in my hair until 2012 because my greys are crazy, and I’m only 30. Anyhow, I have now alittle past my shoulder and my front hair from mid to end do not curl, everything else does…. and new growth is still curly but I swear I dont know what else to do. I look crazy when its curly. I look like medusa. HELP…………. I WAS THINKING OF ONLY THE MIDS TO ENDS A CURLY PERM… AND SUGGESTIONS>

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