Announcement: We Are Now Carol’s Daughter Ambassadors for 2013!

What this means for us: We are going to be given products by Carol’s Daughter to review and we will post our reviews here and our youtube channel. Now, these will be sponsored reviews but we want to stress the fact that our time, editing and camera woman skills (ha!) are for sale NOT our opinion. Our reviews will be honest and forthcoming. Sellouts are not welcome or cultivated here.

What this means for you: It means that you will be getting the inside scoop on Carol’s Daughter products on the regular and sometimes even before they are launched. So, it’s somewhat exclusive over here. You’ll also get an idea of what product work and don’t work on our two different hair types. In addition, we are constantly being asked to do more product reviews but honestly Shanti and I use the same things everyday so this will be a great way to get us experimenting and to give you more reviews.

So, big thanks to all at Carol’s Daughter!  We’re excited about our partnership. And we look forward to bringing are Around the Way Curls some fresh new material.


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9 thoughts on “Announcement: We Are Now Carol’s Daughter Ambassadors for 2013!

  1. Jhuli Feliz
    This is the year that I have started my hair journey so I always, constantly, searching for all natural masks and conditioners for my hair. I think Karen’s just made my shelf. I didn’t know how hard and frustrating this was going to be.Sometimes I just wanna give up but I don’t. Bc I have products like this one!! Woot!!

    This year is about focusing on me. Not getting skinny but getting to a healthy state of body, mind and most imporantly, spirit. Im back in school (finally) & actually excited about what Im doing. This year will be anything and everything positive. Im getting my stacks! My stacks of happiness!!! And aint nothing gonna stop me.

  2. Is this going to be the only sponsored content? Because I have always wondered if there is a Kinky Curly partnership, or if that recent review of salon 718 (sp?) was sponsored?

    • This is our first sponsorship. All past reviews have come from our own expense unless we noted that they were gifted from the actual companies. The recent 718 review was not a sponsorship either. We maintain honesty between our audience and our business ventures. If you ever are curious again, feel free to ask

  3. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! I remember when I first came upon your blog and now you ladies are on top of the world! God Bless and much success!!!

  4. I love your site. I just came across your videos. I am commenting to say congrats. That is amazing. I love carols daughter. I literally own all of their products and I swear by them. For my curls, they work the best. You’re both gorgeous and I love your hair and what you do. You are talented. I see the work.

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