Andy Griffith Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

In this world of fame, instagram, youtube, blogs and reality TV, we forget that the lives of those we idolize are real. Shit gets real. Let us all remember our blessings. A beautiful story told by Anthony Griffiths of strength, honesty, pain, loss and the harsh realities we ALL face in the “real world”.
It was the best of times and it was the worst of times…

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2 thoughts on “Andy Griffith Like You Have Never Seen Him Before

  1. Y’all should have told us that this video was NSFW (not safe for work). This video had me crying at my desk. I shouldn’t have watched it at work, but I’m glad I watched it. Thanks for posting.

  2. Tears would not stop rolling down my face. This really makes you think and realize that every person around you is going through something, regardless of age, race, class, etc. Please the next time you (we) judge somebody or are quick to anger at somebody realize that they are going through ish just like everybody else in this world.

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