An Around The Way Best Friend Tag!

Normally we wouldn’t do this but….we ain’t have nothing else to talk about! HA! Here is our best friend tag video

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4 thoughts on “An Around The Way Best Friend Tag!

  1. I just love your friendship. Reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my bff, my boo, my A1 since day 1. We’ve been inseparable since 94 as freshman in high school. I love her dearly. There’s NOTHING like a friendship like this. Oh and by the way, we also did stake outs. Best thing ever!!!

  2. Hey pretty and fresh ladies. Now you know I love you guys, well love what you stand for, because since I don’t “really” know you guys, love might be a strong word. Anyways, it’s because I have respect, some admiration and tenderness for you ladies, that I have to call you out. I do it in the name of love…DID I HEAR YOU SAY “we talk with an AFRICAN accent.”???!!! Shanti!!! Antoinette!!! I am half Beninese, one quarter Cameroonian, and one quarter Togolese. The accents from just those three are soooo different. And I know you that. But I had to let you lovelies know, again in the name of love.
    Stay fresh.

  3. Oops typo I know you KNOW* that.

    No harm at all. You guys are empowerment, inspiration, and truth, all day, errday! Like I said it comes from a place of love. So you can be or get closer to being flawless.

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