Amazing Women Who Aren’t Beyonce

Maaaan listen, I love Beyonce. I do. I love her in a sick twisted way. I am well aware of it. She is amazing. She makes me feel hmmm how do I say it…..? Like shit? Small? Lazy? Dumpy? Gay? Inspired? Bald headed? Poor? Like I can do anything if I put my mind to it? Like I too have a wild sex demon inside of me? Like I need a better camera? Like I too am honored to be a mother to an awesome, wild daughter? Like women rule the world and got damn it I am a woman and she makes me so proud I get a lump in my throat sometimes? Ummmm yeeeaah kind of like all of dat.

 I have stumbled upon some really fucking amazing women that deserve recognition and swell me with pride and inspiration similar to Beyonce (but without the sick, twisted associations).  I hope they do the same for you.

Warsan Shire 

At 25, this young Kenya- born Somalian (East Africa Stand Up!) is the current Young Poet Laureate of London. She is an amazing poet and is responsible for this poem that is me. She is a deep, remarkable woman whose words, insight and mission should be seen by all. Here is a taste of the flavor she is putting down from a poem called


He takes off his jacket and sits down for the rest of his life,

that’s how we bring Dad back.

I can make the blood run back up my nose, ants rushing into a hole.

We grow into smaller bodies, my breasts disappear,

your cheeks soften, teeth sink back into gums.

I can make us loved, just say the word.

Give them stumps for hands if even once they touched us without consent,

I can write the poem and make it disappear.

Step Dad spits liquor back into glass,

Mum’s body rolls back up the stairs, the bone pops back into place,

maybe she keeps the baby.

Maybe we’re okay kid?

I’ll rewrite this whole life and this time there’ll be so much love,

you won’t be able to see beyond it.

 To Read More Click Here

Shayla Cox

I had stumbled upon Shayla via Tumblr and I have been a big fan of hers for a while. She is a jewelry designer of a brand which is her name sake Shayla Cox. She is amazing because she is completely invested in herself and her art. I respect her because her jewelry, branding and marketing is completely on point. It is a direct reflection of her values and her vision. She is not compromising herself for anyone. To understand the dicipline, dedication and fearlessness required to achieve such seamless branding, is inspiring. I love to see that. I see you girl! Tear shit up!

Melina Matsoukas

Melina is responsible for Rihanna’s epic, award winning music video “We Found Love”  as well the majority of videos from Beyonce’s “B’day” album and most recently “Pretty Hurts” from Beyonce. If you look her up on Wikipedia, you will find a VERY long and impressive list of music videos of which she is responsible for directing. She is a master of bright colors, textures and stylization. She is a woman with vision. When we admire the Rihannas, and Beyonces of the world, I think it is important to take notice of the minds and talent behind the artists. The people that know how to capture and create the perfection we assume stars naturally have.  Melina is a cinematic beast. For all the young film makers, videographers and photographers, watch her, follow her and be inspired.

Lianne La Havas

Are you fucking kidding me? I love. her. I have watched quietly as this young lady slowly begins to swell soon to blow up. She’s beautiful and her work is beautiful. This video is beautiful. Watch and become a fan.

Ameena Matthews

Ameena Matthews used to be a gang member. Her father was powerful gang leader. She knows the intricate webs of emotional, financial and sociopolitical issues that pull at hearts of those involved in gang/drug affected communities.  She is no longer a gang member nonetheless she lives, eats and breathes the lifestyle in a ongoing effort to pull the people of her Chicago community away from the trivialities and deadly consequences of living the fast life.  She literally stands and begs compromise before guns are pulled as a violence interrupter.  She is power and purpose manifest. To learn more about Ameena Matthews check out this amazing documentary focused on her and other heroes  called

“The Interrupters”

It’s nice to watch King Bey but these aforementioned women are a nice reality check. They are wonderful sources for varied talents, purposes and grinds.

I know I Missed Many. ..

Who Are Some Amazing Women That You Look Up To (that are not Beyonce)?

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Women Who Aren’t Beyonce

  1. I’d like to throw in someone who i would’ve never known about if it wasn’t for Beyoncè.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the feminist voice on Flawless. Half a Yellow Sun though? It’s good stuff, I’m ashamed to admit I was unaware of her before. I’m so glad you featured Lianne La Havas, her music literally kills me and brings me back to life. I’m dramatic, anyway good post Shanti. Lol

  2. Awesome, awesome list! thanks for the introduction to Shayla Cox I am in awe. I’ve adored the work of all of these ladies & I agree with the above comment that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is brilliant–I read ‘Americanah’ last year and fell in love with her writing! Same with Warsan Shire. I’ve re-read ‘Teaching my Mother How to Give Birth’ over and over. It amazes me how she can emote in such a raw and beautiful way through written word. I love Beyonce as well, but I’ve certainly been digging Solange’s vibes lately too–I mean being an Art Director for Puma plus being an awesome musician and a mom (and she’s working on a new album). Also Shonda Rhimes because I’m still on edge because of that Grey’s Anatomy cliff hanger & of course, Scandal. (btw, i came here from Refinery29…though I’ve watched your youtube channel before and love it!)

  3. This is definitely great! We often get caught up in what is publicized and don’t dig in enough to see the great work of so many women. I’m late but great post. lol.

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