A Twist Out for Fine Hair

I wore my twists (in the post below)l last night and crashed with them still in. I woke up this morning, took them out and…. POW! I had a really nice chunky twist out. I’m too hype over this! Because my hair is so thin I have a hard time achieving twist outs. They usually appear stringy and flat. Plus it looses the curl within the first hour but I realize now the chunkier the twist the more volume the twist out. This twist out is right on time because winter is coming and it’s gonna be brick outside… way too cold to do my regular wash and go.
Front View
 And when I brushed my hair with my denman brush it laid down and formed this old school wave! I am too hype. I cannot wait to pin this up in different ways and add a red lip. Unfortunately, it’s raining today so it ain’t happening. If I even spill water next to my hair it’ll curl up in it’s natural curl. But you wait, the next dry day my waves will be out.
Video Tutorials

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6 thoughts on “A Twist Out for Fine Hair

  1. I tried this technique even though my hair is more kinky and I have gr8 results! I did flat twists all over my head, sectioning it in 3: middle, left and right flat twists. Nice and curly all over..it gives my hair a cute shorter look rather than the reg. twist outs..:D

  2. I’m a mixed girl with fine hair, that has a tendency to have oily roots after a day or two, but dry everywhere else. Do you have any specific product suggestions for general use? Does my hair have to be wet for a successful twist out? And what type of products should I use to aid the twist out, if any?

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