How to Handle the Winter Wet n Go? Help Me Help Myself.

Lately, my curls have been poppin. I’ve been laying off of the heat (even when it comes to my beloved defuser) and relying solely on wet n goes. With winter slowly approaching… what’s a girl to do? My only solutions are to go back to the heat, move or say goodbye to my curls for a while. Any tips? I know it’s usually the other way around with Shanti and I giving advice, but  eff that, we ain’t perfect and we like to switch it up from time to time. Plus, I really don’t have the answer. I don’t mind the diffuser because I don’t think it causes me heat damage but it is a little time consuming : (
 Keep in mind my crazy thin hair and it’s limitations when it comes to second and 3rd day curls. Is there some magic summer towel that dries hair within 5 minutes that I don’t know about? If so, put me on. If not, somebody invent one quick!
Alright, I’m counting on yall. Help me out! Sound off below : )

Curls Gone Wild Recap (Plus Video)

Dope Recap from one of our attendees and awesome vlogger Kasheerah and her boo King AH!!! Love this sooo much!!!!!! 
See What the Philadelphia Tribune Has To Say About Curls Gone Wild!
Women flood vendors for natural hair products at the Curls Gone Wild event Saturday, Aug. 25 at The Dreaming Building in South Philadelphia. — PHOTO/ TRIBUNE PHOTOGRAPHER JARID A. BARRINGER
“Curls, afros, twists and various natural hairstyles were represented at the “Curls Gone Wild” event Saturday. Curls Gone Wild, hosted by bloggers Shanti Mayers and Antoinette Henry of “Around the Way Curls,” Andrea Lewis of duo from “Those Girls Are Wild” and Brooke Slade, the venue coordinator, aimed to provide an opportunity for women with natural dos to network, connect and inspire one another.”
Curls Gone Wild, held at The Dreaming Building, located at Front and Spring Garden streets, consisted of various vendors ranging from painters, designers, skin, hair and cosmetic specialists, giving women opportunities to browse, shop, converse and learn tips on hair care. With giveaways, clothes, hair wraps and various accessories, attendees had a lot to indulge in.
Although Henry currently lives in Brooklyn, the Around the Way Curls duo are both Philadelphia natives and felt it was important to bring an event of this kind to their home city.
“Philly is home for me, I love Philly, Shanti loves Philly and it saddens me when I read the things I read about Philly — people really don’t know all that it has to offer,” Henry said. “I feel like celebrating that and highlighting the things people do.”
Henry and Mayers created Around the Way Curls a year ago and had no idea they would build such a following. Their online publication provides women with hair care and styling techniques and aims to inspire women to embrace their natural state of being.
Read the Rest of The Article Here!

Are We All Just Out There Cooning?

We posted about this before but if you haven’t seen the video you are doing yourself a disservice.
The video speaks for itself. I (Ant) personally love it. I get the message. The parallel between the Shuckin and Jivin that took place in the 1840’S to todays’ ‘entertainment’ is uncomfortably spot on. Some of these cats look like they took pointers from Bert Williams himself! (Tyler Perry, Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne and even sometimes our beloved Martin Lawrence… yeah I said it.) 
This video has only been deemed controversial because it hits a nerve and strikes a chord with people. It forces folks to be honest with themselves.  What is the world’s perception of us is? What is our perception of each other? How much of this ‘entertainment’ seeps into our unconscious minds? How much of it do we actually believe and honor as truth? 
But the more complex questions are, are we all guilty of it? At times, have we all been caught out there shucking and jiving? Is it safe to do among ourselves but irresponsible when other races and cultures take notice?
I don’t know. I have my opinions but I am curious to hear what you have to say. 
Sound off below! 

Curls Gone Wild Event Recap!

The Amazing Curls Gone Wild Vending Crew
Our first Philly Meet up Curls Gone Wild has come and gone. The event took place this past Saturday, August 25th. Antoinette and I woke early in the morning, got dressed, packed up the giveaways and went to the venue to set up and attempted to ease any kinks in logistics that we faced (no pun intended! we do not support perms and the easing of the kinks) By 6pm, the lovely ladies of Philly showed up at the door. When I say Philly naturals showed up, I mean ya’ll showed up and showed the ‘eff off! 
Everyone looked gorgeous, entered with smiles and the good vibes started flowing. The vendors prepared themselves with awesome goods and products and people seemed genuinely excited. We got to see so many of our readers which was really the highlight of our experience. Shout out to M and Jess! It was such a pleasure to really come full circle in the relationships we have with our readers. We could finally see your faces! Hear your voices! Compliment your fly ass hair! We felt overwhelmed and so appreciative of the support that we received on Saturday. It was really lovely.
But God knows it was not perfect! We needed more space (how great is that?!), a louder mic and a more concise explanation of what the event was about. Because it was a Philly crowd and ya’ll hold no punches (bless your hearts) we received some great feedback and are excited to come with another event that is more educational and strictly all about hair! We’re talking a workshop style event that will leave you feeling completely in ‘the know’ about hair care, styling and length retention. Get ready yall. There is so much more to come! . We love you Philly! Thank you so much!
The Vendors
pure essence hair and skin care
exotic jewelry, rings, wire jewelry
brown beauty bar, candles, make up, philadelphia, black owned business
the style closet, vintage dee, fashion, curls gone wild
tasty treats by sinae, cup cakes, pastries, curls gone wild
brown beauty bar, make up, black owner businesses
doreen garner, art, philadelphia art, social art, visual arts, paintings, curls gone wild
those girls are wild, snap backs, andrea lewis, curls gone wild
hand painted jewelry, earrings, tribal designs, curls gone wild
doris new york, hair care, skin care, natural hair
Philly’s Finest
natural hair, philadelphia events, curls gone wild
havana twists, natural hair, curly hair, curls gone wild, philadelphia
natural hair, locs, curls gone wild,
natural hair, braids, curls gone wild, curls hair, around the way curls
natural hair, curly hair, curls gone wild, around the way curls, philadlephia
rasa salon, philadelphia, natural hair, curly hair
tasty treats by sinae, curls gone wild,
cush cosmetics, curls gone wild, around the way curls
Cush Cosmetics Winner
jessicurl, around the way curls, curls gone wild
JessiCurl Winner
taliah waajid, curls gone wild, around the way curls
Taliah Waajid on Deck!
kinky curly, curls gone wild, around the way curls
Kinky Curly Full Size Collection Winner!
curls biz, curls, natural hair, curls gone wild, around the way curls
Curls Collection Winner
saphira, curls gone wild, natural hair, curls,
Saphira Full Size Collection Winner
TK Reflections Winner!
eden body works, curls gone wild, around the way curls
Eden Body Works Winner
brown beauty bar, curls, natural hair, around the way curls
Brown Beauty Bar Winner
mixed chicks, curls, around the way curls, curls gone wild
Mixed Chicks Winner
doris new york winner
Doris New York Winner
KiKi Girlz
eden body works
Eden Body Works Winner
mixed chicks, taliah waajid
Mixed Chicks Winner
proposal, curls gone wild, around the way curls
curls, curly hair, natural hair, around the way curls, curls gone wild
Super Special thanks to Our Generous Sponsors:
Product Buffet!
Raffle Table!
 A Special thank you goes out to Ryan Powell for taking such amazing pictures! 
We could not have done anything without you guys!
curly hair, natural hair, around the way curls, curls gone wild
Shout Out to Brandon from The Dreaming Building, All of Our Incredible Volunteers, Vendors and Our Generous Sponsors. A Special thank you goes out to Ryan Powell for taking such amazing pictures seen above! 
We could not have done anything without you guys!
Click here and Here to view the rest of the photos!

Nikki & Tracee Do NYC

Finally, we met our cyber best friend in our head. She needs to go model somewhere.
Yall know Nikki is like our cyber, ace boon coon. Right? I mean, she gets us. She understands and shares our infatuation with dry humor, around the way ish, natural hair and Kanye and Bey. Despite the fact that she is #TeamShanti when it comes to Kanye and Kim: Yay or Nay?, I still have love for her. I would like to point out however, that her husband sides with me and he seems like a  pretty smart guy so…we’re right. Anyway, Nikki along with special guest Tracee Ellis Ross, recently held a meet-up in NYC to celebrate the launch of Optimum Salon HairCare’s Miracle Oil and with her baby girl just 8 blocks away, anxiously anticipating her return and her husband by her side, she was an outstanding and generous host. Despite the daunting task of having to drive to Pennsylvania directly after the event to prepare for her baby’s birthday party, (set to take place the following morning) she was patient and thorough with her guests. She’s a momma doing big thangs…  and we just love her for that.
See below for more pictures of the event.
Our girl Shelli of Hairscapades! She’s got that butter love skin. That ish was glowing almost as big as the rock on Nikki’s finger. Really though, Nikki’s ring is the business.
Tracee Ellis Ross, Natural Hair, Optimum HairCare Miracle Oil
Tracee lookin like her momma and preachin… Telling the folks to vote for Obama. #DEADSERIOUS You see, it’s really not just about hair.
curly hair, natural hair, hair meet ups, around the way curls
Sweet Picture. Sweeter Girl.
curly nikki, alicia walton, natural hair, nyc hair meet ups
NIKKI! This lady stood for almost 2 hours and took a picture with each and every attendee. It was very admirable and Beyonce-ish
Natural hair, curly hair, curly nikki meet up
She was so sweet. I kissed her abruptly and left my signature red lip on her cheek. Then I awkwardly wiped it off like a true church lady.
natural hair models, curly hair, around the ay curls
I ran into this chicka at the Amtrak station and I swear she looked just like this. Pose and Everything. Ha! She’s always stuntin.
shanti, around the way curls, natural hair, curly nikki meet up
I had to post this. 1) Because homegirl’s shirt is dope and 2) because I caught Shanti smiling instead of mean mugging.
natural hair, curly hair, curly nikki meet up
These ladies were at Curl Daze!!!Whoot Whoot!
natural hair, curly hair, shanti, around the way curls, curly nikki meet up, mean muggin
Oh. Wait! And there it is…
Natural hair, curly hair, curlly nikki meet up
Twist out perfection
curly hair, natural hair, curly nikki nyc meet up, antoinette, around the way curls
The local Fly Girls accompanied the church lady to an event…
natural hair, curly hair, curly nikki event
Killin It.
shanti around the way curls, curly hair, natural hair, curly nikki meet up, mean muggin
Oh God.
Natural hair, curly hair, curly nikki meet up
Gorgeous! Twins? Sisters? Cousins?
natural hair, curly hair, around the way curls, toast for the douche bags
Nikki was too busy working so we drank for her. Cheers Nikki to all your success! ♥


Hey yall, just wanted to let you know that the store will be closed Saturday, August 25th as we will be selling bows at Curls Gone Wild and don’t want to get our inventory screwed up! It’ll be back up the following day!

Sneak Peek of Our Curls Gone Wild Vendors

I have selected some pretty talented products and brands to vend at our event. These are people that I believe in. I want to see them succeed and reach their full potential in their talents and business. ***Clears throat, takes a sip of water and mounts soap box***
We as a colored collective need to TRUST and support one another. We are our brothers and sisters keeper. We need to live and breath that promise out responsibly.  We do not have to support nonsense, product inconsistency and a lack of professionalism. Quality should always be demanded. I searched for quality vendors for this event. I love their brands and products and I am happy to spread the word about them. Sneak Peak ya’ll of the jewelry, clothing, makeup, artwork, nail art (come with your filled acryilic!) hair accessories, huetiful hair steamers, hair products and more that will be present! 
TOUTESTBOMBE – Cristal B. EZ Nail Artist
Come with filled acrylic nails!
Plus Many More Vendors!!! 

Are White Women the Ultimate Prize for “Successful” Black Men?

So, Shanti and I are working ’round the clock to make sure Curls Gone Wild is not only a dope event, but that it runs smoothly and that all the behind the scenes logistics are taken care of. As a result, we’ve been commuting back and forth to Philly and New York, spending a lot of time together.  This weekend, while making bows, Shanti and I got the talking about Kim and Kanye… I actually don’t mind them as a couple. I feel like they have a lot in common and both find a little solace in each other. Shanti however, detests the relationship. She can’t not STAND them together and feels like now that Yeezy has hit Illuminati status (sike naw lol. Now that he is successful) that he only has an eye for white women. But come on, that can’t be true! We all know Kanye is secretly in love with Bey. Who isn’t? Ha! Anyway watch the video to listen to our arguments. Let’s just say we’ll agreed to disagree.  But first let us give you Webster’s definition of Successful:
  • Accomplishing an aim or purpose
  • Having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction. 
I want to end this by saying, we have no beef with Kanye. We actually talk about him so much because we love and adore him. And while our approach is comedic, this is a very serious topic/epidemic. Forget about Kim and Kanye for a minute and ask yourself…  Are white women the ultimate prize/trophy once a man of color reaches a certain level of success?  Is it that with success, comes access to these women?  Is it that seeing powerful black men with a white women brings out our own personal insecurities?  Are we reading too far into the entire thing?  It’s also interesting that we are even having this conversation as two bi-racial women. What does that say about us? 
Give us your thoughts.