No Commitment No Cutty Campaign Video

You may remember our intro to the No Commitment-No Cutty Campaign (screen shot shown above) that we posted about a week ago. As promised, we got together and did a video detailing not only what the campaign is, but what we personally believe sex and courtship, between a man and a woman should be like. 
Peep The Video Below
Join the Campaign. Spread the word.
Morals. Over. Bullshit.

How to Get a Long Stretched Twist Out via Naptural85

Things To Be Aware Of:
-Don’t drench your curls when you wet them. 
-If your hair is thin, skip the shea butter. Try using aloe vera gel instead.
-If your hair is thinner than Naptural’s, play around with the amount of hair you twist together. For people with fine hair, the larger the amount of hair you twist the more likely your hair will take the shape of the zig-zag setting of the twist out. Remember Antoinette’s Twist Out For Fine Hair? She only used 2 flat twists.  
For all our ladies who just aren’t down with the wash and go but get too much shrinkage with a twist out, this one’s for you.
I already know my hair can’t do this but who wants to see Shanti try it? *hint hint. 

Breathe & Stop. Keep it Real. And Give It What You Got.

Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others – Buddha
 Hey ladies(and those few gentlemen who secretly stalk the site for eye candy),
We wanted to write a post thanking you so much for all of your support. We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of the blog. In just a year, who would have thought it would have jumped off the way it has? 
It’s really exciting to: 
1. Be able to take our future in our own hands while watching something manifest that was just a thought nearly a year ago.
2. Have a platform from which the ATW Girl is considered not only to be beautiful but positive, admirable and intelligent.
3. Be able to share with all honestly and build an online ATWC family. We can’t tell you how often we lean on your comments, e-mails and tweets as inspiration to keep grinding and pushing through.
 This blog was created to deliberately re-define what beauty is and to re-condition women not only to embrace their natural state of being, but to value their individual uniqueness and overall worth.
With that said, we want to always keep the integrity of the blog. We believe thatthis blog is special because of the relationship that we have with our readers. We want to continue to engage with you in our comments, e-mail, on youtube, facebook, twitter and tumblr, and be as accessible as possible. We don’t want you to write and go unnoticed. We are finding that with the pressure to post daily in order to, “grow/get more traffic/get more hits/” that we are losing touch with some of you. No bueno. Quality over quantity.
 So in order to maintain our standards we are going to take some of the pressure off. If a Sunday goes by and there isn’t a new post, know that it is not because we have become lazy but because we are e-mailing folks back, creating quality posts, editing pictures and videos, designing our new website layout, planning a meet up and so on. Ya feel us? Would that be terrible? We feel like it’s the end of the world when we have nothing to post. Stresses. Us. Out! But we are realizing that occasional pauses are needed.
We have so many ideas and plans for ATWC. It’s going to be good ya’ll. So, we ask that you be patient and continue to rock with us while we grow not only as bloggers but as women. 
We love the mess out of ya’ll (almost as much as Bey loves Jay).
-S & A

A Black Girl In Fine Dining

So I(Shanti)have been M.I.A for a while. Life has been really busy for me because I have recently started a new job. The juggle of a baby, blog and work has yet to be mastered. I keep dropping one. I am learning. I think the best way for me to keep on a steady grind is to try and always connect and relate one to the other. So I am sharing my exploits at my new job with you all because in all truth what I learn in one avenue of my life connects strongly to the other.
If you do not know already, Antoinette and I are both servers! We sling plates with a pride and passion! Antoinette works at a highly respected and popular jazz spot in NYC and I recently just started a job in Philly at a fine dining restaurant under a talented chef who worked in one of the finest, most successful restaurants in NYC. It is my first time serving in a fine dining restaurant and it is incredibly challenging for me.  For those of you, who are chuckling thinking to yourself “Ugh idiot girl! Whats so hard about putting food on a table? To that I respond: Can you please describe what fromage blanc with ramps is? Morels on toast? What varietal would best be paired with those? Can you describe what the taste differences between a Bordeaux blanc and a Gamay are?  
Touche′. Anywho, I am learning a lot at this place. I am learning to enter into this situation knowing I am unprepared, ignorant to a lot of the information, probably going to say things incorrectly, ask a lot of dumb questions, make mistakes, look stupid, not know where things belong, not understand seemingly simple processes, sweat a lot and yet still BE EXCITED and CONFIDENT nonetheless! I am learning to start from the bottom and appreciate, absorb and feel comfortable there because this is where my growth begins. This is where my mastery begins. This is a place that through hard work, attentiveness and loving patience with myself I will never again return. Only upwards from here baby. I am grateful for this experience because I apply these lessons to my everyday life. I am learning the science of life in which this logical formula will make or break you
 1.You don’t know something
2. You accept the challenge to learn more
 3.You make mistakes, fail at intervals, cry, endure embarrassment, feel inadequate and feel afraid while attempting to meet the challenge
 4. You work hard, persevere,remain patient and keep kick pushin’ forward
  5. You master or overcome it
 6. You move on to your next area of ignorance only to repeat the cycle again.
 I am grateful for this experience because I know I will find my center in this. I am grateful because I will be proud that I learned so much and strengthened myself emotionally and spiritually just from the tedious task of slinging plates.
I hope you ladies are accepting all the challenges in your daily life (no matter how seemingly small) and facing them with a beating heart, shaky arms and a smile on your face. I hope you never turn away from the hidden opportunity and allow your fear to sabotage your potential. Life is not easy and once we accept that, it actually gets just a tiny bit easier.Grind lil mamas. Prevail.
What challenges
 are you facing as of late?

Knot Today, Everyday!

Remember our South African Boo, Mandy? She was the one with the flawless skin and gave us possibly THE most charming interview we’ve read in ATWC. Well, she recently got her hands on a bottle of Kinky Curly Knot Today and has become another die hard fan. I swear, we don’t lie on here. We only rep the brands and products that really work and that we have found success with. 
After Mandy tried it she e-mailed us saying,”Love the Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard. PS. The smell of Knot Today is like OMG”. LOL. Peep her results below.
After using Kinky Curly Knot Today
This is her sweet baby girl who is also reaping the benefits of Knot Today.
Told Ya.
Read the rest of our Staple Products here
Keep in mind that as we discover new products this list will be updated. I, Antoinette may have to add Mixed Chicks’s Deep Conditioner to the list because yesterday it had me flossin. I’ll use it a couple more times just to make sure it’s really all that before I officially give it my stamp of approval though. Review soon… Shout out to Andrea Lewis for putting me on to it : )
We aren’t product junkies but when we fall in  with something we fall hard. Who are yall crushin on?

Those Girls Are Wild Networking Event

Last night’s networking event hosted by Miss Andrea Lewis of the dynamic duo Those Girls Are Wild was one of the best experiences we have had since starting the blog. The night was made up of a room full of young, goal-driven women sharing their resources, ideas, stories of success and overall experiences while climbing that life ladder to the top.
Keep in mind, it was not just your typical pompous networking event (where you really don’t make any connections, but instead you give out a whole bunch of expensive business cards that only end up being used to store old gum). SMH! No, last night was worthwhile. It was truly a space for discovery, networking, and building new relationships, and served as a call to action for all those with a dollar and a dream.  We left feeling inspired, overwhelmed, excited, and eager to push forward and bust this thang wide open. 
Andrea, you and Shannon should be so proud of yourselves. The work that you are doing is admirable, deliberate and innovative. You are leaving your mark on the hearts and the minds of wild girls all across the world. Nothing you do or have done has been in vain. You surely have left an impression on us. Thank you from the soles of our feet to the cracks of our split ends. 
 -A and S
*Keep in mind this was not an event for ‘natural’ hair but the Curls and Kinks were in full effect!!!
This girl is so dope. She teaches young people how to develop their spirituality and faith. She was the embodiment of love. 
Just 16 and already at networking events. Surely, there is a bright future ahead for them Someone find these girls for us.
Panelists Maya Washington (Photographer and Visual Specialist) Aeshia Branch (of Teen Dairies), Brooke Slade (Model & PR extraordinaire) Franchesca Ramsey (Vlogger, Actress, Comedian & Creator of Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls), US, Sakita Holley,  (Founder of House of Success and specializes in lifestyle brand relations)
Wrap it up!
Simply Maya
Franchesca and Shanti. This girl was hilarious and on point as hell.
Keep in mind this was not a natural hair event but the kinky and curls were in full affect.
Mingle. Mingle
Vashtie got held up at a production meeting but still made it out.
These girls… So cute.
We swear we are going to recruit Andrea to be our new best friend. Watch out Shannon lol…
See the rest of the pictures when you click here.
And incase you are new to ATWCurls and just joining us, here’s the video that brought us all together.

This Ish is Hilarious

This woman is really talented. Check out her Youtube channel TheDarmirraShow. She had me cracking the hell up. Look and laugh.
“Oh, Beyonce? Can you put Jay on the phone please?”
“Hear those birds in the background? I own them too.”
“If I would have had a baby I would have named her Pink Friday.”

Barack Slow Jams The News

Shout out to Philly’s own Roots Crew!
 And FYI that Stafford loan increase would be the worst. 


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