1/2 Up With A Pump

I did this style a while back and never got around to doing the tutorial. Sorry, about that and  thank you ATWC’s reader ‘Sara’ for reminding me ♥. I’ve gotten some mixed reviews but a lot of you said you liked it and I like it, so that’s all that matters.☺ I think this style is funky and  feminine with a touch of retro flavor.  It’s one of those styles that before you walk out of the house you have to look in the mirror, smile and say, “What everI’ma Do Me.”  

Speaking of, our old “I’ma do me” post, I’ve got a new one to add. I now use products with silicones at least once a week. I wash and co-wash pretty often so I don’t see the harm. My hair likes those products! And Can’t Nobody Tell Me Nothin!
If You Try It Send Us Pictures So We Can Post You On Tumblr

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9 thoughts on “1/2 Up With A Pump

  1. Where do you ladies get your hair accessories?? With summer coming up and since I’m still transitioning…I need some things to spice up my hurr

  2. Hey Antoinette,
    I feel you on the “I’ma do me” attitude when it comes to the silicone products” I was natural all my life but I just started my healthy hair regimen not too long ago. (meaning I learned how to m&s, oil my scalp with a real oil instead of grease (not knocking those who do use grease), washing my hair in sections instead of piling it on top of my head which create tangles etc….)

    Anywhoooo, lol back to the point I was trying to make when starting on my HHJ I wanted to use the most natural of products and since my hair is very fine it agrees with all most anything but one thing doesn’t.
    And that is my SKIN!!!!! It revolted on me I got contact dermatitis mainly around my ears (an allergic reaction) while trying out some new hair products and since I had a few instead of just 1 new product I just threw them all out. And than I had the nerve to try some shampoo bars and soaps but since they were all natural I didn’t think it would bother me but boy was I wrong again! I got contact dermatitis again but this time it was WAY WORSE!!! Lil bumps all over my face and the front and back of my neck. So from now on even though I love the thought of all natural products I’ll stick to what has worked for me for so many years and that is my Pantene shampoos and conditioner which is loaded with silicones and my good ol’ Dove soap. Silicone has never done me wrong.

    I did find a few natural products that worked before my allergic reactions like the Knot Today, the Shea Moisture line, AV juice and gel and a few oils that doesn’t bother me so my hair can still receive some natural goodness, lol but I will always tread lightly now when it comes to adding a new product in my roster if I ever choose to do that again.

    With all this rambling I’m not sure if my point was made clear so I just want to say that use what works best for you and if you used silicones in the past and they’ve done you no harm than forget about what anyone else says. You are the one who has to deal with your hair so your input is the only one who truly matters.

    Okay I’m going to stop now before this post turns into a novel and sorry that its so long. I ramble sometimes, can’t help it lol.

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